Hi! I am April Uzarski (pronounced Use-Our-Ski) and I am Pittsburgh based photographer.
Ever since I received my first film camera in the 1990's, I haven't been able to keep a camera out of my hand. I am happy to have graduated to digital equipment and have used Nikon products for over a decade.
After almost 20-years in NYC, I came back to Pittsburgh with my partner, Andrew. If you are asking why we moved to Pittsburgh, it's because it's a great city with amazing people. Plus, pirogi!
My style is photojournalistic in nature. I love capturing people as they are, having fun, living in the moment.  Check out my portfolios to get a feel for my style.
My professional photography work includes private events, corporate photography, candid portraits, and prints. I also help small businesses build customer engagement through monthly newsletters. All through using my photography.
I am a friendly, albeit wacky chick. So, if you have any questions, feel free to use my contact form. I will get back to you!
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